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Migraines are incredibly debilitating for many Australians. A Deloitte report has even estimated that migraines cost $35.7 Billion Dollars to the Australian economy in health and productivity costs. The general severity of symptoms causes countless skipped days from work/study, endless hours of poor focus and a never-ending use of pain medications. So, what’s the best way to manage a migraine? We’ve complied a list if the best tips and tricks, to help you through your next attack.

Let Your Colleagues Know in Advance

We know how limiting a migraine can be on your productivity at work, and also how few people who don’t suffer from migraines can understand their severity. Letting your employer or colleagues know in advance can help them to react to your condition faster and even pick up your workload to help

Use Hot Or Cold Therapy

Hot or cold packs are popular amongst our migraine patients. A cold pack applied to the forehead, or heat packs applied to the neck and shoulders seem to be the most widely used methods. It’s really about finding what works best for you!

Find a Dark Room

Sensitivity to light is one of the most common migraine symptoms that we see with our patients. Not only can light appear to be more aggressive and actually cause more pain to some one experiencing a migraine, it can also trigger migraines to start as well. Finding a darkened room, away from bright light sources can help to limit your discomfort while experiencing a migraine. If you can’t get inside, you might find a good pair of polarised sunglasses can reduce that nasty glare!

We know how tough it can be being a migraine sufferer, and at the end of the day figuring out the cause of your symptoms will give you the best chance at living a life free from them. Give us a call today on 1800 432322 (1800 HEADACHE) to talk to our friendly team about how we can help. Otherwise, book your initial appointment online today at