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60 minute session

The Assessment

Our assessment will take 60 minutes and will include a full and thorough interview so that our clinicians at Gold Coast Headache & Migraine Clinic can understand everything about your headaches or migraines, and how they are affecting your life.

About The Assessment Stage

What To Expect During The Assessment

1. Comprehensive and in-depth examination

We will perform a thorough and in-depth examination to identify all of the factors that may be related to your headaches and migraines. We will focus particularly on your upper cervical spine in our assessment.

2. Ligamental stability and vertebral arterial tests

In order to ensure the highest level of safety is maintained, we routinely will assess the stability of the important ligaments in your upper cervical spine, prior to any assessment or treatment.

3. Temporarily reproduce your headache and migraine symptoms

During our assessment and treatment process, we will be applying gentle and specific pressure to your upper cervical spine in order to temporarily reproduce your headache symptoms. This helps us to identify the specific cause of your headaches.

The importance of reproducing the symptoms

Reproducing your typical headache and migraine symptoms is a tool that we use to establish if your upper cervical spine is contributing to your condition and to correctly diagnose your headaches and migraines.

If we are able to reproduce your headache symptoms during our assessment, then it is very likely that we can have positive results with our treatment. When this is the case, we have a high success rate in treating headaches and migraines without medication or any invasive procedures.

Your clinician will then provide you with an individualised ‘Prevent Headaches4Life Plan’, this will be your guide to successfully reducing your headaches and migraines.

Note:Headache reproduction is temporary, and will subside following the assessment. It does not trigger headache or migraine attacks.

Why Choose Us

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Medication Free treatments

We work to decrease the amount of medication that you use

Sustainable long-term results

A holistic treatment plan designed to deliver long-term results

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Detailed diagnosis from symptoms

A Thorough assessment designed to create a 4-step treatment process to reduce or eliminate your headaches or migraines

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