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Our Process

We have a wide range of services that are designed to help your headaches and migraines, at Gold Coast Headache & Migraine Clinic.

Brisbane Headache and Migraine Clinic AssessmentOne of the most important parts of treating your headaches or migraines is to find the underlying cause. This is why the first part of your service is our in-depth assessment. This first session will take an hour, and we aim to gain a full understanding of your symptoms and how they are affecting your life.

From there, we will perform a specific examination of your upper cervical spine and brainstem. This is to try and prove that they are the underlying cause of your headaches and migraines. Modern research has shown that a sensitised brainstem, specifically the Trigeminal- Cervical Nucleus, is often the underlying cause of many headaches and migraines. Our assessment is safe, gentle, non-invasive and relies on zero medications.

Once we have determined the underlying cause of your headaches or migraines, the treatment process can start right-away!

Common Headaches Treated

The Assessment

Phase 1

Accurately diagnose your condition for effective treatment

The Treatment

Phase 2

Experience the latest treatment methods that are evidence-based

The Results

Phase 3

A life free from migraines or headaches is now proven possible

The Difference

Phase 4

A medication-free solution that treats the cause not the symptons

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