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Our Vision and Philosophy


Our Vision - Australian Headache and Migraine ClinicsWe aim to be the best Australian healthcare providers in the headache and migraine field. It is our goal to deliver great results, and help provide you with a life that is free from headaches and migraines, without the endless need for medication.

The clinicians at Gold Coast Headache & Migraine Clinic commit to providing the highest quality of care and advice to all of our patients.

We endeavour to provide an unprecedented experience and an exceptional service; from the second you step into our reception area, through to when you are shown into our treatment rooms, while you are learning more about the cause of your condition and receiving you ‘prevent headaches4life plan’, right through to the moment that you walk out the door saying goodbye to our friendly receptionist.

At Gold Coast Headache & Migraine Clinic, our philosophy of care is underpinned by our clinical approach, ‘Prevent Headaches4Life Plan’, which is our method to provide you sustainable and long-term results. We want you to achieve your personal goals, and will go one step further in helping to ensure the prevention of future flare-ups. The Assessment, The Treatment and The Results pathways, are designed to deliver you a life that is free of headaches and migraines.

Your headache clinician will be with you every step of the way, providing you with holistic care, backed by our Prevent Headaches4Life pathway, giving you every piece of help you need ensure you achieve your goals.

A lifetime trust of clients

A life time of trust - Australian Headache and Migraine Clinics - image courtesy of APSOur professionalism and expertise help us to build a strong relationship with our patients, that is designed to last a lifetime. Our practitioners maintain a high ethical standard and have the highest morals, so that you can ensure the highest levels of trust with them and their profession. We see and treat headaches and migraines every single day, so you can ensure your clinician will be able to give you an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. We believe, that in order for you to get through to stage 3 of your plan (the safe zone), trust needs to be at the centre of our relationship.

Long term results

At the Gold Coast Headache & Migraine Clinic, we are dedicated to providing long-term results and not just a quick fix. This approach involves a longer, more thorough assessment which allows us to understand more about your symptoms and your body. The results of this assessment allow us to paint a full picture of your condition and provide you with the most accurate treatment plan for you. We aim to not just treat your symptoms, but going one step further and treating the cause. This allows us to strive for helping you achieve a life free from headaches and migraines.

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Common Headaches Treated

The Assessment

Phase 1

Accurately diagnose your condition for effective treatment

The Treatment

Phase 2

Experience the latest treatment methods that are evidence-based

The Results

Phase 3

A life free from migraines or headaches is now proven possible

The Difference

Phase 4

A medication-free solution that treats the cause not the symptons

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