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Our 6 Step Plan

Prevent Headaches
4Life Plan

Our process is backed by the latest scientific research, and is the most effective solution for treating and preventing headache and migraines. The best part is that it is medication-free.

About Our Plan

A Simple Plan For Your Recovery


  • A thorough examination of your headache history
  • Identifying potential triggers
  • Identifying the underlying cause
  • Establishing your goals

Physical Testing

  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Neural assessment
  • Muscular & joint assessment
  • Daily Habit analysis
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  • Explain the true cause
  • Understand the problem
  • Deliver a clear & accurate diagnosis


  • Medication-free
  • Surgery-free
  • State of the art
  • Evidenced based


  • Prevention strategies
  • Management strategies
  • Understanding your condition


  • Recovery plan explained
  • Clear indication of your prognosis
  • Understand how to resolve your condition

Finding The Root Cause

The 3 Main Systems That Can Trigger Your Condition


Your brainstem houses many different nerves that supply your neck, head and face. When it is sensitive it can trigger headaches and migraines.


The neck is the link between your body and brain. Sensitive joints, ligaments and muscles in your neck can be responsible for referring pain to the head and face, causing headaches or migraines.


Are you hyper-sensitive to certain foods & drinks, activities, exercises or temperatures? If so, we can evaluate these triggers to see if they are causing your headaches or migraines, or symptoms like; vertigo, sensitivity to light, sound or smell, mental clarity or even nausea and vomiting.

Primary vs Secondary Causes

Understanding Your Primary & Secondary Contributing Factor

PCF (Primary Contributing Factor)

This is the what we will try to identify and this will be the root cause of your headaches or migraines. You might be surprised what your PCF is, as most commonly we can identify a specific segment of your spine as the underlying cause.

SCF (Secondary Contributing Factor)

These are the issues which are associated with your presentation. For example; your pillow may not be providing enough support and contributing to your migraines, or your posture may be irritating structures in your neck while you are at work. Other examples include; not drinking enough water, or eating the wrong types of foods.
Your headache clinician will work with you to identify your PCF and SCF’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the process safe?

Our treatment process is completely safe. We don’t use any medications, are non-invasive and don’t use techniques that click or clunk your neck. We also examine your neck for any ligament damage or circulation issues that could put you at risk.

How will I know the process will work?

The first consultation is critical to the future success of our treatment plan. Here we will try to identify the true cause of your symptoms.
The treatment is then all set out.
Identifying the underlying cause allows us to come up with a plan for you that will work to address your specific condition.
In the case that we cannot identify the…
primary cause of your symptoms, unfortunately we will be unable to help you. However, we will let you know in the first session and refer you on to a health practitioner that we think may be able to help. We will not charge you for this consultation, if this is the case. We guarantee that.see more

How successful is the process?

If you fulfil our criteria for treatment, we expect quick and significant improvements to occur in 3-4 weeks. This is the case in 90% of our patients.

I've tried everything. What will you do that is different?

Most of our patients have tried any type of health provider that you can name, a wide-range of different medications, or they have even progressed to surgical intervention…These patients have rarely been to a specialised headache clinic that solely treats headaches & migraines. They have also never been assessed to identify the true cause of their headaches.
We see patients with headaches and migraines every single day. We know to assess the brainstem and your neck in order to identify whether they are the true cause of your symptoms. We also know to examine your whole body, to determine if it is being hyper-sensitive to various triggers which are causing your headaches and migraines.
After assessing these three systems, we will have a full understanding of you, your body and your condition, only then can we know how to treat you and your symptoms effectively.
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