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A good quality contoured pillow can improve your sleep position and reduce your headaches - image courtesy of APS

Are your headaches there when you wake up in the morning? Do they improve as you get up and start moving through the day? Your pillow might be contributing to your symptoms!

Find the right pillow for you

It can be frustrating waking up with head or neck pain, but it can be equally frustrating trying to find a pillow that can help! There is such a wide range of pillows to choose from, and it really depends on your preferred sleeping position, head and neck size, and the natural curves of your own spine. We will try to help outline what to look for below!

Pillows for migraines

The number of pillows marketed towards migraine sufferers is huge; contoured pillows, buckwheat pillows, latex and memory foam pillows, as well as cooling pillows are just some of the options out there. Contoured neck support pillows are generally made from memory foam or latex, and are ideal for addressing your sleeping postures by complimenting the natural curves to your spine while maintaining normal alignment.

Some people benefit from buckwheat pillows, the benefit is that the wheat will naturally shift around your neck, while still providing support. Some versions are even able to be heated in a microwave, or cooled in the freezer.

We find that memory foam contoured pillows are the best for supporting your neck if you suffer from migraines. This is because of their ability to mould around your neck while still providing high levels of support. While some people may not enjoy the slight chemical smell when the pillow is new, this is easily avoided with a good pillow protector.

One of the newer innovations in pillow, is the use of gel linings, to provide a cooling sensation. These pillows may be of use to people who find that cooling agents or wraps help to ease the symptoms of migraines. Given the wide range of options available, it is important to try many options and discuss with your healthcare professional what the best option for you will be.

Neck pain and Pillows

What you should look for:

  • Fluffy, yet durable
  • Should fill the space between you shoulder, neck + head
  • Be made of a material that will provide you with support
  • Be appropriate for whatever position you choose to sleep in
  • Keep your head aligned with your spine

While the ideal sleeping position for people with neck pain is on their back, this can be difficult for a lot of people for various reasons. Finding a pillow that correctly supports your spine in whatever position that you can comfortably sleep in, is the optimal solution. Most people find that when they find their ideal pillow, they will find it easier to become a back-sleeper or they will comfortably stay on one side for a majority of the night without constantly turning.

Our recommended contoured pillow is available to purchase at our clinic or in our online shop.

Watch the video below to see how we can assess and prescribe the optimal pillow for you!