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Ibuprofen is a type of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) that is commonly used in Australia. It is commonly distributed under brand names like; Nurofen, Brufen and Advil. At low doses these medications are generally available through your pharmacy without a prescription. As it is freely available, it is a commonly reached to medication for migraine sufferers.

How does Ibuprofen Work?

Ibuprofen works by reducing the pain experienced by inflammation processes in the body. It does this by limiting the body’s production of prostaglandin, an important inflammatory chemical. By reducing this chemical, the body will have a lessened inflammatory response which is a common source of pain.

A commonly reported side effect of ibuprofen is an irritated stomach or Gastro-Intestinal reflux, because of this it widely recommended that you take it with food.

Will it Help My Migraines?

As Ibuprofen specifically targets the inflammatory chemicals that can cause pain, it may be beneficial in relieving some of the painful symptoms associated in migraine. It should only be taken as directed as there are some considerable side-effects that may be experienced.

It is important to note that Ibuprofen will not address the underlying cause of your migraines and will only address your symptoms

What should I Do Next?

The first step toward living a life free from migraines is to get your condition properly diagnosed. The team at Gold Coast Headache & Migraine Clinic can thoroughly assess your condition and help to identify the root cause of your migraines. Give us a call today on 1800 432322 (1800 HEADACHE) , or book online.

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