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Sienna Norris

Sienna Norris



Sienna is our newest member of the Gold Coat clinic as she has only recently relocated to the Gold Coast. Her studies at Bond University commences in January 2023.


Previously, Sienna worked as a NRL Development Officer in the Toowoomba. Where she planned weekly sessions for her participating students which enabled her to form lasting connections. She has also worked in various customer service roles where she developed skills related to day-to-day interactions with customers.


Whilst working at the clinic, Sienna hopes to continue to develop her admin skills and be a friendly, welcoming face for patients as they enter.

Fun Facts About Sienna

Sienna has been a footy fanatic since she was seven. She has continued to play for the same club since she started, until recently when she relocated to the Coast. In her spare time, you will often find that she is at training or on the field playing footy at her local club.


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