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Mal Imbulpitiya

Mal ImBulpitiya

Administrator – First Impression



Malshi is one of our dedicated head administrators and brings many unique attributes to our team.
Mal was born in Sri Lanka and has subsequently lived in several countries including Poland, Lithuania and New Zealand before finally moving to Queensland in 2018. Accordingly, Mal is multi lingual, speaking English, Singhalese, Polish, Lithuanian and Tamil.
She provides high quality service for all who visit or enquire via phone, email and social media. Mal employs her energetic, bubbly personality with high professionalism to give the best possible care and comfort for all patients.


Mal comes with a diverse experience in customer service, having worked in several industries, ranging from international logistics to claims departments.
In academics, Mal has excelled and is currently undertaking the Bachelor of Economics and Business Management further to her previous studies in Europe.
As our resident celebrity, Mal also brings a unique expertise, having been a TV anchor/presenter and actress in Sri Lanka from 2012 – 2015.


Mal plays many important roles in our administrative team. Not only does she provide patients with the best possible care, she also manages our social media and tracks our performance as a business.
She also takes a special role in leading the admin team. This means she is always available to give support and further training to our staff.
Just as importantly, Mal brings so much unity to our team, through her friendly nature and easy laugh in every situation.

Fun Facts About Malshi

Mal is a person with many interests and passions, but some might say her greatest love is that for her little dog with a big name – RAMBO!
Mal also enjoys working out at the gym, online shopping and going to the beach.
In her down time, she particularly enjoys Korean TV shows and music.
One of her hopes is that one day she will be able to travel through all countries in Europe with her partner and of course, Rambo.

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