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Miranda Jones


Miranda jones

Administrator – First Impression


Miranda is one of our dedicated administrative staff, primarily based at the Gold Coast. Miranda has come to usfrom Austin, Texas and is currently studying Exercise and Sport Science (Pre-Physiotherapy).

Miranda brings a wealth of experience in customer service and a passion for helping people in need. Miranda takes a special joy out of being the first person to speak to those of the public in need of our services, as she is able to be an empathetic listener and direct them to where they can receive the best help.


Before joining the GHMC team, Miranda had worked for over 10 years in hospitality, giving her a strong foundation in customer service and interpersonal skills.

Miranda has gained a reputation as someone that can help others and is often called upon for help and advice by those in her circles of influence. As she is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Pre-Physiotherapy) she is becoming more equipped and qualified to pursue her passion of helping others.


Miranda is a pivotal member of our administrative team. She works hard to ensure the smooth running of the clinic, communicating with patients and constantly recording our statistics, in order to pursue excellence.

Miranda enjoys the role of being the face of the company and embraces her duty to professionally represent our clinic to the community at large.

Fun Facts about Miranda

Miranda has thrown herself into Gold Coast living and enjoys the beaches, running along the esplanade or even playing a golf.
On weekends, she even spends some of her time as a Stand Up Paddle Board instructor!

Miranda loves to travel and have fun where ever she is. One of her greatest beliefs is that people should do what makes them happy and have fun with whatever they are doing!

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