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Elle Ambrose


Elle ambrose

Administrator – First Impression


Elle is one of our key administrators at the Gold Coast, who stands out for her calm nature and exceptional customer service.

You can expect to be greeted warmly with Elle, as she brings her bubbly personality into all patient interactions. Outside of work Elle enjoys going to the gym and socialising.


Before joining the GHMC team, Elle experienced an array of customer service roles, having worked in both retail and hospitality. In addition to having had customer service experience, Elle has also had patient care experience having studied and worked in the healthcare industry before. She knows how to liaise with healthcare professionals and patients and ensures a high standard of exceptional quality care is met.


From general administrative duties to bookkeeping and financial recording, Elle makes sure the clinic is maintained and operational.
Elle has the ability to work independently and cooperatively within the team here at the Gold Coast Headache and Migraine Clinic and assists in the marketing team to stay in touch with our valued clients.

Fun Facts about Elle

Elle’s passions include health and fitness and art. When she is not at work you will most likely find her at the gym putting in the work there.
Being also quite a creative individual, she enjoys creating or admiring artwork in her free time and also plays the piano.

Common Headaches Treated

The Assessment

Phase 1

Accurately diagnose your condition for effective treatment

The Treatment

Phase 2

Experience the latest treatment methods that are evidence-based

The Results

Phase 3

A life free from migraines or headaches is now proven possible

The Difference

Phase 4

A medication-free solution that treats the cause not the symptons

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